2021 All Source RFP bidders, the PGE RFP team has made some adjustments to Appendix M – Technical Specifications, to correctly accommodate for project sizes bidding into the All-Source RFP.  Specifically, the changes have been made to the energy storage specification (M4-01-01), sections 3.2.3 & 3.2.4, to reflect the fact that project sizes will vary from different bidders.

Additionally, the documents and deliverables table (M1-01-02-01) now has the appropriate table for submittals in that section.

Lastly, the following changes have been made to the document which address some irregularities and simplify the specification:

  1. Changes to the approved suppliers for the wind equipment – a couple of suppliers removed and added.
  2. Updates to the process data section to include some items for renewables.
  3. Placeholder sections for the CAD standards and Project Management sections.

Bid Submission Deadline Reminder

January 19, 2022

As a reminder, the deadline to submit bids into PGE’s RFP is 12pm PST tomorrow, January 20, 2022. If you encounter any persisting web functionality challenges, please reach out as soon as possible.

PGE is Extending the Due Date for RFP Bids

January 10, 2022

As January 17 is a federal holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, PGE is extending the due date for RFP bids to 12pm PST on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Updated versions of Appendices A-E

December 30, 2021

PGE has posted updated versions of Appendices A-E that include a minor clarification in the buyer conditions precedent. The update clarifies that the regulatory approval provision is referencing acknowledgement of the final shortlist, consistent with Order No. 21-460. The updated documents can be found here.

Post-Issuance Bidder’s Workshop Slides

December 17, 2021

PGE’s presentation slides from the 12/17/2021 post-issuance bidder’s workshop are available here.

2021 All-Source RFP – Final Issuance and Website Live

December 6, 2021

Portland General Electric issued the final 2021 All-Source RFP documents on December 6, 2021. The documents reflect feedback received from the Commission, Staff and intervenors during docket UM 2166. These files can be found on the website:

Bidders can submit bids now until January 4th (PGE Benchmark bids) and January 17th (all other bids). PGE will hold a bidder conference (details to be released at a later time) to walk through the process of submitting a bid.

If there are any questions, please submit them on the website: